Andrew Cave has written on business and leadership for the Daily and Sunday Telegraph since 1996.

Some of this work can be found in his Telegraph archive here

Andrew writes for a number of other publications including CorpComms magazine.

Between 2013-2019, he contributed more than 200 articles on leadership to Forbes magazine. These used to be accessible here Forbes

The link has regrettably been taken down but the plan is for some of the articles to be reproduced here.

Andrew published his first book: – The Secrets of CEOs  – in 2008, updating it in a paperback edition: The New Secrets of CEOs two years later. The book has been translated into Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, South Korean, Brazilian, Russian and Portuguese editions.

His second book: Billions to Bust and Back details the remarkable story of a man who made $4bn by the time he was 40 and lost nearly all of it by 41. It was published in the UK in 2014 and has been translated into Chinese.

His third book: The Power of Purpose was published in 2017 and is being translated for a Chinese edition.

Andrew has also ghostwritten another book, which won Business Book of the Year (no link as ghosts are invisible!)

Recently, Andrew has been involved in covering the case of Marsha Lazareva, who is fighting her conviction in Kuwait on fraud charges.

His latest piece on her future is




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